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Master your Morning Practice

5-days daily, 2 sessions

session 1  |  Monday - Friday, November 9 - 13 

session 2  |  Monday - Friday, December 7 - 11

7 - 8am EST

class description

Build the momentum of your daily practice and learn how to formulate your routine based on your health goals and energetic needs of the day. Join us each morning or view the recording at your preferred time. Enliven your spirit, deepen your cultivation and feel energized for your day.


prerequisite | completion of Yi Ren Qigong Level I class or seminar

$30 for each 5-day session 

class descriptions


weekly, ongoing

Tuesdays   |  7 - 8 pm EST

Thursdays  |  2 - 3 pm EST

(no class 11/26, 12/24 + 12/31)

class description

Tune in each week for a one-hour community qigong practice for self-care + seasonal energetic nourishment. Incorporating mindfulness, breathing, slow movements, meditation and holistic nutrition, this weekly practice will help shift your frequency for emotional management, grounding, clarity + creativity. Designed to provide support during these challenging times, we will focus on developing our internal strength + a peaceful mind.  


no prerequisite necessary, but completion of Yi Ren Qigong Level I  is helpful

class packages + free weekly pass available

MindBody ReFRESH | Study Break

3 - 30minute weekly practice, monthly sessions

session 1  |  Wednesdays, October 15 - 29

session 2  |  Wednesdays, November 5 - 19

session 3  |  Wednesdays, December 2 - 16

5:30 - 6pm EST

class description

In this 3-week session, students will be guided through mind-body exercises to release stress, depression + anxiety. Learn mindful eating exercises, breathing with intention + acupressure techniques to carry with you throughout the week. Shift to a higher frequency with energy-enhanced self-care techniques to balance the mind-body-spirit. Designed to provide you tools to better handle life’s ups + downs, and bring clarity to your studies, problem-solving + creativity. Feel refreshed + ready to take in more.


no prerequisite necessary

$15 for each 3-week session

Yi Ren Qigong Level I

8-week class series

Thursdays  |  7 - 8:30 pm EST

November 5 - January 7

(no class 11/26, 12/24 + 12/31)

class description

This course focuses on Qigong basic theory and application, including internal Qi-energy activation (􏰀􏰁De Qi), cultivation (􏰂􏰁Yang Qi), grounding (􏰃􏰁Gu Qi) and circulation (􏰄􏰁Xing Qi). 

course objectives

  • Understand Yin/Yang theory in depth and its application in Qigong practice.

  • Understand the state of relaxation and the state of mind in Qigong practice.

  • Learn Yi Ren® Qigong specific methods for internal Qi-energy activation, cultivation, grounding

    and circulation (around Ren-Du meridians).

  • Learn four different breathing methods for enhancing the internal Qi levels and improving the

    internal Qi-cultivation.

  • Demonstrate the Yi Ren® Qigong internal Qi activation, cultivation, grounding and circulation



beginners welcome, no prerequisite necessary

$120 for 8-week training plus exercise recordings

manuals + DVDs available at IQ&IM

Yi Ren Qigong Level II

8-week class series

Wednesdays  |  7 - 8:30 pm EST

November 4 - January 6 

(no class 11/25, 12/23 + 12/30)

class description

This is the second in a three-course series on basic Qigong, which introduces methods for developing the Zang Fu related meridians. Students will learn meridian cultivation exercises and gain an experiential understanding of the functions of internal organs at the energetic level. 

  • Understand Zang Fu theory in depth and its application in Qigong practice.

  • Understand the internal organ energy pathways in Qigong practice.

  • Understand the relationships between emotions and internal organs.

  • Learn Yi Ren® Qigong Large Universe Exercise for nourishing, balancing and circulating the Qi

    of internal organs.

  • Learn Yi Ren Qigong methods for activating and cultivating six pairs of internal organ energy


  • Demonstrate the Yi Ren Qigong Large Universe Exercise and other six exercises for developing

    the internal energy network.


prerequisite |  completion of Yi Ren Qigong Level I course

$120 for 8-week training plus exercise recordings

manuals + DVDs available at

streaming live from flo studio in syracuse, ny

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