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mission + vision

AquaLava Wellness enhances the quality of life in individuals by supporting, guiding and educating them along their path to optimal health and human potential.

Created from an empathic heart and evidenced in scientific research, our health philosophy weaves holistic nutrition with mind-body-spirit modalities to heal + strengthen the body from the inside out.

Integrating Eastern + Western nutrition knowledge and coaching with qigong and yoga training, we are an effective  resource for motivated individuals seeking to optimize their life through healthy eating, energetic nourishment and lifestyle habits.

As the world redefines itself during COVID-19 pandemic, AquaLava is here for you as you transform to the new norm. Our online classes + programs are developed with you in mind.


Stress Less. Be Free.

individual energetic

nourishment sessions

Individual sessions enable you to go deeper with your practice and create a self-care program along with a nourishment plan that meets you where you are to reach your goals.  


Applying holistic nutrition, Eastern philosophy and energetic healing practices, Amy's unique approach reflects 

the uniqueness of YOU! By incorporating evidenced-based modalities and 

Get in touch to set up a consultation.

yi ren qigong training

Activate your internal energy for healing, strength + wellness. Learn to cultivate your qi-mind-body-spirit in today's world through qigong theory + experience. 

Level I : Qi-Activation

beginners welcome

Thursdays, November 5 - January 7

(2-week holiday break)

7 - 8:30pm EST

Level II : Zang Fu (Internal Organ Meridians)

pre-requisite completion of Level I

Wednesdays, November 4 - January 6

(2-week holiday break)

7 - 8:30pm EST

Master your Morning Practice

pre-requisite completion of Level I

Monday - Friday 

session 1 | November 9 - 13

session 2 | December 7 - 11

7 - 8am EST

weekly practice recordings available  for all classes

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our services, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


community wellness


seasonal balancing + immune support

weekly online class


October 13 - December 29

7 - 8 pm EST


October 15 - December 17

2 - 3 pm EST

all levels welcome | drop-in anytime

weekly recordings available

monthly passes for both classes

sliding scale $5 - 10 per class

student wellness


mindfulness for the mind full


45-minute weekly sessions


session 1  |  October 14, 21 + 28

session 2  |  November 4, 11 + 18

session 3  |  December 2, 6 + 16

5:15 - 6 pm EST

no prior experience necessary

weekly recordings available

$15 for 3 classes

"Peace comes from within.
Do not seek it without"

~ Buddha


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Our success is measured by your level of well-being.
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