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getting started

yi ren qigong + nutrition
thursday evening weekly class


Fall into Balance

Thursday evenings

October 12 - December 14

drop-in anytime 

6 - 6:45pm qi-activation for beginners

7 - 8:30pm qi-nutrition and yi ren qigong level I

new to yi ren qigong?

check out a Level I class from 7 - 8:30pm | 1st class FREE 

Getting started ~ as with learning a musical instrument or a new dance style, developing a core foundation is important. Attending the Qi-Activation class for a few weeks is recommended. Once your qi is activated and you have a good sense as to how to activate your energetic field, you many wish to only attend the Level I class at 7pm.  Whether you are new to Yi Ren Qigong, returning after some time off, or a regular practitioner, all are welcome to attend the Qi-Activation class.

The 8-week series beginning Thursday, October 12th will consist of an hour and a half of nutrition + health information sharing, Yi Ren Qigong Level I training and a group practice, leaving you feeling refreshed, grounded and balanced.

In Yi Ren Qigong Level I training, practitioners will learn to activate their authentic energetic field and internal energy centers along with grounding and circulating their energy.  Students will also learn to identify and clear energy and emotions that are no longer serving them.  We will also cover Traditional Chinese Medicine theories including Yin Yang and 5-element.

This class is perfect for caregivers, health care providers, healers, athletes, hospitality workers, academic students and students of life.


4519 1/2 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Street parking available

Studio is located in Dreamclinic (upstairs)

class fees | introductory special

$20 | drop-in per class (reg. $25)

$70 | 4-class punchcard (reg. $90)

$140 | 8-class punchcard (reg. $175)

discounts available | students, fixed income and buddies*

$15 | drop-in per class

$55 | 4-class punchcard 

$105 | 8-class punchcard 

* buddies are 2 or more students registering for the same class - please include names in your registration


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